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Content Creation and Social Media Management for businesses offering Alternative and Holistic Health Services

You focus on providing top-notch care to your clients. I’ll focus on making your business stand out online. Together, we can help more people get to the root cause of their health issues in order to live fuller, happier lives.


Who You Are

• Functional Medicine Practitioner
• Dietician/Nutritionist
• Mental Health Professional
• Community-based/Nonprofit Organization
• Health-based Restaurant or Product Company
• Massage Therapist
• Health & Wellness Coach

And others whose businesses are aligned with their passion for empowering others to achieve greater health and well-being.

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My Health Journey

As a kid I developed negative thought patterns, a distorted self-image, and maladaptive coping strategies as a result of experiencing repeated and sustained trauma. After more than two decades of being in a state of chronic, acute stress (fight-or-flight), the quality of my physical health began to mirror that of my thoughts.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Even though I adhered to a gluten-free diet, my health continued to deteriorate. I experienced brain fog, chronic fatigue, IBS, and joint pain. My depression and anxiety had become so debilitating that I would rarely leave my home. Conventional medicine provided me with a handful of pills, a lot of debt, and no answers.

In 2018, I began rewriting my story and living a life of purpose. After five years of tirelessly researching and seeking a variety of treatment modalities to help relieve my symptoms, I was able to regain my health through an integrative, whole-person approach that included functional medicine, spiritual development, and trauma-informed therapy. Through this process I discovered that the answers I sought didn’t exist outside of me—they were in me all along, yearning to be witnessed.

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