Crepe Crazy Provides Opportunities to Austin’s Deaf Community

Upon entering Crêpe Crazy’s South Austin location, I was transported to a quaint European cafe. My senses were delighted by the scent of freshly-made crêpes, melted cheese and the occasional waft of espresso. The mid-century modern inspired decor boasted sleek lines, a warm color palette of mustard yellow and orange hues, marble white table tops, and spherical copper pendant lighting. At this point I was already smitten…and I hadn’t even ordered yet.

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s something unique about Crêpe Crazy, beyond the sophisticated decor and carefully-curated menu featuring a number of tantalizing options to satisfy cravings of both savory and sweet. As I glanced across the counter into the open kitchen, I noticed the kitchen staff was silent. Their preferred method of communication? Sign language.

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