Experience Holistic Dining at Picnik, Austin’s First Paleo-friendly Restaurant

If you suffer from food allergies or autoimmune disease, you know that dining out can be restrictive. As a foodie who later developed celiac disease, the number of restaurants in Austin where I’m able to dine safely can be counted on both hands. I wrote about these safety bunkers in my article, “Top 10 Austin Restaurants When It MUST Be Gluten-free.” Thanks to Picnik, that number has grown to 11.

On Aug. 10, the popular, paleo-friendly food trailer known for its Butter Coffee opened a brick and mortar restaurant at 4801 Burnet Road.

Founder Naomi Seifter created Picnik’s innovative menu alongside Executive Chef Dan Salivar and Culinary Consultant Justin Turner, a Houston restauranteur who gained national recognition as a winner on the Food Network program, “Chopped.”

Everything on Picnik’s newly expanded menu is gluten-free, corn-free, peanut-free and soy-free. They use only pasture-raised meats and eggs, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed butter, whey and collagen. Avocado oil is the cooking oil of choice, as it’s rich in heart-healthy fats, oleic acid, vitamin E and carotenoids.

A favorite menu item of paleo enthusiasts is the Bone Broth, which is known to heal the gut, promote healthy digestion and reduce inflammation. At Picnik, they use raw apple cider vinegar to draw out the trace minerals from the bones, which support immune function.

Locavores will appreciate that 90 percent of Picnik’s ingredients are sourced from more than 15 local ranchers, farmers, producers and artisans, including Antonelli’s Cheese Shop and Dolce Neve.

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Jaclyn Hubersberger