F-Stop Models How to Transform Lawn Into Urban Farm in Austin

What started as a gardening hobby turned into Ryan Farnau farming nearly all the available space in both his front and back yards, with another 6,000-square-feet soon to be tilled and seeded. With a handful of local restaurants sourcing from Farnau’s farm–hardly more than a third of an acre–F-Stop is quickly joining the ranks of Austin’s more well-known urban farms, like Springdale, Rain Lily, Boggy Creek, and HausBar to the east, and La Flaca to the south.

The sustainable agriculture movement is gaining momentum here in Central Texas, thanks in part to these urban farms, the restaurants that purchase their produce, and the patrons who support the restaurants and farmers’ markets around the city. Through the use of small-scale organic growing practices, these farms operate in direct opposition to big agriculture, fast food, and the industrialized food system.

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