Pitchfork Pretty to Provide Elevated Everyday Dining in East Austin This Spring

Over the past five years, the East Austin neighborhood of East Cesar Chavez has been developing at a rapid pace that shows no signs of slowing. Following the recent openings of highly anticipated restaurants such as Grizzelda’s, Tillery Kitchen and Bar, and Kemuri Tatsu-ya comes Pitchfork Pretty, scheduled to open in late March 2017. The name conjures up an image of intentional juxtaposition. “Pitchfork” pays homage to the farmer, while “Pretty” represents the restaurant’s role in taking the raw, rustic elements of the farm and transforming them into refined menu offerings.

Independent owner, Seth Baas, is an experienced restauranteur and food enthusiast. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, he went on to spend three years at Bay Area restaurant Roxanne’s–a collaboration between Charlie Trotter and “living food” guru Roxanne Klein–where he learned the value of sourcing quality ingredients from local farms. After making the decision in 2011 to close his acclaimed Solana Beach, Calif. restaurant, Blanca, Baas desired to return to his Texas roots. In 2014, he purchased the property at 2708 East Cesar Chavez St. and, three years later, the idea of Pitchfork Pretty is becoming reality.

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